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Contact: Niklas Hallgren

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What is WideCircle selling?

We pack messages either in digital formats (eg web pages), in print, or as brand identity. Analyzes combined with creativity provide a balance between creative and functional design. This combination creates solutions that reach out.

What does it cost?

The type of project, scope, and character are always unique to each commission. This means that we do not post package prices online. We often work with fixed quotations after we have been given a description of a project. But e.g. for aftercare, updates to a website, or regular production, it happens that we work at an hourly rate.

Do you only work with customers in Stockholm?

No. Today there are many different opportunities to communicate. E.g. video meetings can be held over the web and regular communication can take place by e-mail or by telephone etc.

What does the work process look like?

It is slightly different depending on the type of assignment but broadly speaking:

  • Meeting eye to eye or via video link or similar. The purpose is a job description to understand the scope of the assignment
  • We send quotation

At approved quotation

  • Analysis – develop target groups etc.
  • brainstorming ideas – here we look forward to seeing you
  • Production – sketches of the different ideas – presentation
  • Possible changes
  • Delivery – eg be a web page that goes live or delivery of a finished print

Selected cases