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Design agency in Stockholm

You have found a design agency that is easy to talk to and work with. Wide Circle creates solid and strong communication that focuses on the user with the help of insight, respect, passion and unpretentious collaboration.

Instead of working on our own, disappearing for three weeks and then coming back with a total surprise, we prefer regular check-ins for an honest collaboration. A small design agency in Stockholm, Sweden that is with you at the launch but also at the same time on the whole journey and defines together with you what is needed in the future.

The goal is communication that is brave, creative and therefore gives results for you and continues to live after the project’s sign-off.

A design agency in Stockholm that delivers design for:


  • Visual Identity
  • Logo
  • Design Manual

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Digital Design

  • UI/UX Design
  • Website
  • Presentation

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Graphic design/production – eg:

  • Brochure
  • Trade Show Booth
  • Ad Design
  • Folder

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Two projects are never the same. However, something that always remains the same is the start of the project. Wide Circle always starts by working closely with our customers to ensure that we understand all aspects of the project and its specific needs.



We are a small agency with broad knowledge and a large network of partners.

Wide Circle is a design agency in Stockholm – but…

Today there are many different ways to collaborate. Something that has become extra clear with Covid19. For example – video meetings can be held over the web and regular communication can take place by e-mail or by telephone, etc. We can thus be in two different places but still work closely together.


Wide Circle consists of me, Niklas Hallgren, a designer who has worked with communication, graphic design and UX/UI design since 2006. I have studied digital design with UX/UI at Berghs School of Communication and graphic design at the Center for Media and Design at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles.

I thrive best in a curious collaboration where we collaborate back and fourth to break the common ground and question whether there can be more interesting solutions that stand out in the media noise.

At Wide Circle, you get high competence for the money, because you pay for the design and not a large office with several employees and a receptionist. The treatment is personal but at the same time professional and efficient.

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